Kick Plates, Struts & Frame Rails:
These durable aluminum pieces are the back bone of the system.  The design of the slotted frame rails allows mortars to be arranged in many configurations and easily changed based on your design requirements including fanning your mortars in a single rack.

Keep it all together with L-Pins, R-Clips and bolts which can be purchased in bulk or tailored to your order.

Sturdy, lightweight aluminum support bars can fit 2”-6” mortar racks with capability of angles in 5° increments.

Set up faster and save space on site with this versatile and lightweight rack system.


Convert your existing mortars easily with our aluminum Jericho Rack System hardware; H-Bars, kick-plate, struts and frame rails or purchase the complete set with new fiberglass reinforced epoxy mortars in sizes ranging from 2” – 6” diameter.

​Jericho racks were designed to accommodate multiple mortar sizes and angles within a single bank of racks, allowing you to change the direction of your racks 5° at a time by simply adjusting the placement of a pin.

Jericho Racks Systems

Clamping Rings: 
Heavy duty HDPE rings available in sizes ranging 2” – 6” in diameter . You can also use them to attach candles to the frame rails.